37 And Counting

I never had an issue with getting older. It comes with the territory. Par for the course of life. Shit happens. 

I turn 37 Sunday and my only thought is what am I having for breakfast tomorrow. Life is simple it's the people who complicate things. I guess that's our only job in life, to mess up what we have then labor to get it back to good. That stuff that happens, shit or otherwise, always gets in the way. We work so hard to maintain normalcy knowing that life is far from normal and we can't keep anything the same. The only things the same in life is the same things change.

I don't ask for much these days. A decent pair of boatshoes, a strong cigar and the occasional sting from a well aged bourbon. The same things I've asked for the past 20 years. 

Again, simple. 

So here's to still being alive, not in jail, and not having to drug run for a living. All things that would make a birthday far from happy and a very bad normal.