Daddy Hours

When the two sleepy heads are working hard at sleeping, I'm up. Between 6am and 10am, I find solace in a cigar and nothingness. It's interesting the solutions and plans that come from no one asking/bothering you for something/anything. 

I love my family, my job, but I love me time just as much. It's energizing to focus on you alone. It's needed. Just you and Enya playing while you contemplate life and it's many wonders. 

Today is Saturday the 15th of August. Today is another blessing the Lord has given. Today is a good time to embrace the now and let go of the past. Today is perfect for accepting imperfections. Today is a jewel. Today is a recognition of every second before that leads to this moment. Today is a castle that reaches the sun and allows you to feel the heat of the sun, the warmth of considering all things without getting burnt. Today fits in your hand, tangible and adjustable. Today is yours without the guilt of being selfish. Today is and will always will be now.