The Envy Of Danger

It is a pastime of mine to watch very educated, brave, knowledgeable white people do crazy shit. 

I no longer call it dumb shit because I try my best not to hustle knock. Who am I to judge Zeb Hogan for chasing electric eels in the Amazon jungle? 

It is all good. Press the record button, have a medic near and let the magic begin. River Monsters, Live Safari, anything under those umbrellas I'm going to give my Sunday viewing to. Outside, braving the elements, risking their lives-atleast their limbs for those few good shots. Part of this deals with my utter disgust for outdoor life and my dogged pursuit to mentally become an outdoorsman. I'm envious to make it plain. I just finished up a show titled Alone. Guys left alone in the wilderness just to see who can survive the longest. I was transfixed on them building shelters and looking for food. I want to do I don't.