To Preston Love Dad


My time here will not be as long as it needs to be. Or should be. Understand that my love for you will transcend time, space, and goes beyond all living things.

From the first time I heard your heartbeat I knew you were a gift with value that could not be priced, bartered, nor sold. 

I see a perfect land in your eyes, one with no conflict and love that stretches beyond a million mountains and ten million seas. 

Your heart's vigor is unmatched. The scroll of life unfurls longest for you. The balance you will seek is as close as your mother and your father. The joy you will obtain is worth every road's turn and journey's destination.

Always work the inside. Always find the light. Always embrace a challenge. Always follow that voice. Always know God. Always go. Always be alive.

I worry not. 

I'm sure of you.

As sure as I have a dinner with Joseph I and Joseph II at Golden Corral in a few minutes, you'll fair well. 

As sure as you kicking my face when you are trying to fight will be just fine.