I know we are mourning the freedom and vacation for our 44th president. If I was Obama I'd go to Hawaii and walk around in my boxers eating tuna poke all day. 

No stress. 

Hey, I might even roll a J or two. Fuck it, I'm retired right? 

I'm going to give my two cents on why I loved what this man brought to history...

He was the anti-negro.

He was the opposite of what all naysayers "tried" to pin on him. Class is a great word but I got one better, refined. If you took all our black history lessons and stuffed them in the blazer pocket of a young hero, that's Obama when he becomes grown. He just did things the right way, the true American way, an non-negro way.

When I say negro I'm speaking in the 60s sense of what the majority of the country felt about black people at that time. It's funny how you can be dealt a raw hand and expect to comply as if we don't know the deck is rigged. That's basically the black experience. Let me mark these high cards and let you see they are marked and hope it works out for you. 

I digress...a little.

I cannot imagine the amount of death threats this man endured. More than any president I'd assume and more than any human could make sense of I'd also assume. How he handled adversity with knowledge, wits, and fortitude. Simply unhuman. I mean this guy has me describing him like he is a fraternity for God's sake. 

I'm not going to wish him back, I'm not going to cry seeing home go, but I do want to acknowledge that his time being leader of the free world was polarizing because he simple did the job well. 

Cheers to a good man.