Passers By

Passing by
Flicker in time
1 moment
A breath
Inhaling life
Exhaling death

A second 
A flash
Going by
Too fast
These descending markers of miles


The track gets shorter
A signal from the porter
A warning
A stamp on your ticket
Forgiveness to forget it
You dream
You wish it
Your stop
Into bliss 

A hand helps you off
A family 
A loss
A light behind a cross
Hard and then soft

It's time
For no time
No tic no toc
Every second has ran off the clock

Missing will never bring you back
But I enjoyed your love on this long one way track


-This is dedicated to my family who've I have lost and never really dealt with you being gone. I have yet to accept it as time moves on. To my co-workers who have been dealing with the same battle, you're not alone and never will be-