Not sure when it hit me but at some point in my overindulged life I learned the healing powers of purging. 

It's usually fairly quick.
It's cleansing.
It's sometimes final. 
It's clearing.
It's brand new to the happy ending.


For months now I've watched our house grow and add and enlarge like a pimple that you constantly fuck with. 

I have a total of 8 large boxes and I've started losing feelings for objects in this house at a very high rate. 

Ain't use this is 6 months, gone!
He can't fit it anymore, gone!
Is that dust on that? Gone! 
Why did we buy this shit? Gone! 
Is that a fucking egg ring? I fix breakfast like once a month?!? GONE! 

Gone! Gone! Gone! No stops at Goodwill, I ain't putting it on no app, this shit gotta go.