Reality Versus Reality

I'm a true believer that reality shows will melt the brains of our future and create a barren wasteland of Snapchatting-Google searching-pieces of globs. 

But I will tune into the episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta when Kenya Moore pulled out on trespassers. 


The lean forward on the guy on the right is a true moment in haul ass history! I don't condone anything I've ever seen on this show, not a supporter of filming black folks acting ignorant-even though I know that recording all ignorance is a way of life now. But I'm cool with this, complete pass. If you're home, minding your business, maybe doing yoga and enjoying some tea. Then some clowns jump your fence and roll up your driveway...

It's definitely pull out time. I hearby declare anytime you defend your turf "Kenya-ing". Renaming shit for the Milly crowd, I mean that's what they do right?