First Play Of The Game

The Super Bowl for me is just an excuse to experiment in the kitchen. The years menu...


Nose Runny Chicken and Want Some Salad With Your Cheese-Salad.

I'm cheating with the Popeye's Chicken but the BBQ sauce is all my evil doing. 10 million McKormick spices, Stubbs BBQ sauce and one whole Habanero pepper. I've tried this before and honestly it was beyond my measure, so even more reason to try again right? 

Feta, chunks of Gouda and shreds or Parm mixed in a spinach salad. Creamy Ceaser, garlic croutons, black olives and red pepper flakes.

I've got a multitude of fruit soaking in sugar for the drinks not sure of the landing spot for that experiment yet but it's going to get us flopped.

Lastly my co-workers sister aunt something makes a crab dip that has haunted me for almost in a year of so. We will finally meet again this Sunday. 

Imma eat and imma sleep, Patriots by a touchdown.