The shed.

We have a small shed. It's a whore. It's used without any care. Does it for free. And once finished and used up-no one cares about it. 

Now I have to save it from damnation. I have to clean the shed. The shed holds a lawnmower that doesn't work. It has window screens that are broken. It has bird feed all over the floor. It has shit on top of shit on top of shit in it.

Where to start? 

Well first there were negotiations at hand. If I'm going to deal with this whore, what am I getting out of it? See at one point I had the shed clean and classy. I didn't make it the whore that it is now. I had no parts. 

A cigar was definitely in the equation but what else? A beer? Naw more than one. Two beers? How about a 6 pack of Red Stripe? Done I'm in. 

So Sunday morning while others are going to church to save their eternal souls. I'll be cleaning the shed drinking and smoking one. Fixing this whore. Saving it from damnation.