A very long time ago, when I learned what racism is. Maybe I should say what race means in America. I've often thought of a solution to this very critical, heavy, historical issue. 

It's many layers detered me from any real grassroots movement. I like a lot of Americans just felt like it's such a large overwhelming umbrella-why worry about a few drops here and there.

Then those few drops turned into...

Getting pulled over by the cops
Being followed in the store
Being profiled in general
Being assumed to have behavior issues
Cops choking out people in midday
Cops shooting unarmed men

Man, it's really started to fucking rain.

White folks being a large part of this equation have to help right? I mean people are people until people start dying right? Until people start getting deported right? Until people get plowed over by a Neo-Nazi who is really not Neo nor Nazi. 

Just a scared white boy with a drivers license. 

The solution, or the start of it is, white people need to start calling out, WHITE PEOPLE. I'm not trying to make this simplistic, I know there are many other races and soci-economics that fit in to everything. But if Jeb calls Bill and says "Bill you stupid son of a bitch, stop being so racist". Bill will most likely listen to Jeb. Yes and alien could travel from what once was Pluto and tell Bill he is a racist dickhead but Bill ain't listening to that purple motherfucker. He respect Jeb because Jeb looks like Bill.


It's the way of the world....America...the American world.