Down 40, I was Up 50

Down 40, I'm an official food ingredients reader. How much sodium? How many carbs? Sugar count? How much is a gram again? 

I'm basically on a mission to eat and drink anything that looks like this....

And if happens to taste good too then that's a bonus! I'm not a certified nutritionist but I'll share what I cut from my life like a crazy ex: bread, sandwiches basically, pizza, cheese of all kinds, beef, pork sorta, fried anything and Butter.

What's increased is basically any kind of Asian food, spices with flavor, chili oil (turned into a minor addiction actually), shrimp, crab, fuck it seafood, drinks that have all zeros (Bai tea) Gatorade, Powerade, kabobs, and the holy trinity that I saut√© and put on anything BELL PEPPERS ONIONS AND GARLIC. I'll put that shit high on end steak if you let me, love it!