Crybaby Joe

I've turned into a crybaby.

Today I helped organize a class reunion for one of my preschool classes. Full admittance, this class was special. Special teacher, special involved parents. 

So while in the hospital for a week recovering from drowning on the inside, I had a lot of time to think. 

A lot. 

Like watching Bear Grylls eat scorpions on tv type of time. 

Hey! Why not a class reunion for my first graduating class? That would nice to see everyone and catch up. I've done so here and there but not so much lately. 

Called the former teacher, text a plan in a few days and poof! We are having a pool party. Everything was wonderful, good times and cupcakes. I thanked everyone for coming, stumbled into a semi-explanation about being in the hospital and missing them, and next thing you know I was hugging my former teacher and crying like a baby in a bassinet. 

What is wrong with me? 

It felt good. 

I'm a crybaby.

Crybaby Joe.