Stage 5

Last night I went to sleep around 9am. I woke up and felt like I was asleep for 8 was 11:47pm. I was confused yet grateful. The rest of my sleep was not as deep as that but it was fulfilling. 

After...years of not getting the best sleep. More than likely sleep apnea. More than likely not operating on a good amount of sleep for the workday. It is amazing to get great rest finally. I literally wake up every morning with the collection of white spit around my lips. Nasty but I'll take it! I wake up ready not like I'm missing a moment of rest. I'm turning into one of those people that look forward to going to bed. Give me some water and an episode of Cold Justice and I'm out like someone unplugged me from the wall. 

After doing some very quick research and skimming shit online I think I was in stage 5 last night.