Be on the look out for a short Hispanic woman, about 3 feet tall wearing an 80s shoulder puff green sequin shirt and a large Kentucky derby style hat.

She is evil. 

I had a dream she came into my kitchen and starting taunting me saying "you don't need me, you don't neeeeeeeeeed me". While waving her finger. 

My son was sleeping on a couch in the living room and she was in the kitchen. (Sorry Presto!)

So in my dream I assumed I asked her to come clean the house but I already did. Please don't take the previous line as a racist one. 

I asked her to settle but she got more and more upset of me wasting her time. She got louder and I asked her to leave. That's when in less than .2 second she ran and jumped on my face and I couldn't breathe. I was scrambling trying to get her off but she was gripped tight.

I could feel me arms swinging in my sleep. I had then a internal dialogue that went something like this: Joe, your dreaming, chill out and wake up. And I did.

...So I had some tequila last night before bed....