Crap Shoot

Ever play craps?

You win, you lose, that's the only two options.

I don't want your life or losing your life to be that "optional". 

1 or 2.

Live or die.

I woke up like most, terrified at the news that people went to a concert and never made it back home. It's bewildering to think that you leave for something that should be pure enjoyment and lose your life. Do you ever think that the trip to grocery store may be your last? Getting gas? Walking your dog? 

We're damned. We can't walk around with guns all the time. I mean you can legally but your prepping for the next shooting maniac to open up in a public area? What are are learning with all of these shooting is it happens on those normal days. The days just like all the other days. You can never know therefore you can never be fully prepared. 

How can we stop this from happening again? You can't and that's what makes the rest of sane balanced non-wanting-to-kill-people restless at night. The shooter had over 50 guns, red flag and a half. Gun control is a part of this solution that really has no solution. Mental health but what mentally ill person willfully admits themselves for help? Another part of the solution that is not really a solution. 

I guess technically and numbers crunched life is a crap shoot. You could have a heart attack, you could get in a car accident, you could fall victim to a mass shooting. 

It would be nice to remove all paths of death that involve the decision of someone else. Life defined as a...

noun: crap-shoot
  1. a crap game.
    • informal
      a risky or uncertain matter.
      "predicting any extreme weather event is a scientific crapshoot"