Growing up transit is a great life experience but you'll never have life long friendships moving every three years.

I truly envy my son for his few years on earth, he only knows one area...


There is a good chance he will only know Maryland until he gets older and moves along. He will experience having some of the same kids he knows from Preschool in his first grade class. 

He will experience seeing someone on the street and know them from high school. He will more than likely talk to someone who knows me in one way or another. He will live in one area and know that area like the back of his hand. He will remember an old store that is now a park or theatre. He will be involved with local sports and know what area teams are monsters or suck.

When you move a lot you learn to adapt really quick but most places don't feel like home. If you even know what home feels like. His dad ain't getting any jobs in Italy no time soon so Maryland is my home for the time being as well, but his roots were planted here. 

Best part is we have friends that have seen him grow up, babysat him, taught him Jamaican words. 


So he has a home and family. 

Like I said: envious.