Me And My Mornings

When I get up, my mind shoots out the gate and as much as I try to slow it down, it ignores my pleas. 


What will I wear? 
What will he wear?
In what order should I find out?
Which shoes
Same shoes I always wear for work
Which show should I stream while taking a shower?
Remember to clean tub this weekend
Remember to get face wash
Face wash? 
Yes face wash
Shaver is downstairs 
Shave in bathroom downstairs 
Put shaving on hold-don't forget
No time just pray
What was that noise?
Is he up already? 
Phone remote Fios to Disney jr
Nope not him
Just to be ahead phone remote to Disney jr anyway
Shower done
Remember to change linens this weekend
Weekend is filling up with duties put them in phone
Marketing plan ideas
Put in phone also
Estimated time of departure?
Gotta speed up a bit