The Masters Of Disaster

If you had the chance to save a life would you?

Even if you were born from Satan himself you'd still give it a shot. I know that all things Trump or even presidential come with more thought and process than just doing something on a whim.

Hold the whim, what about a hurricane? 
Enough whims in a hurricane to make it important?

This person has to talk to this person and there is a group of people who have to make sure the public relations will play out right. The money is there. The logistics of supplies. And still there is another person who talks to 5 other people who then talk to the person next to the president who then finally talks to the Orange Birthmark. 

But people are DYING. People are DEAD.
They need EVERYTHING. 

Why does this need to be criticized at all?  
Why do I go to twitter to hear from the president-period? 

Why can't we send the same amount of care and support we did for Katrina-which was still not enough?

Why the fuck am I acting like this ain't the new normal? Why is it acceptable? 

In less than a year this administration have been the stirring the pot of "what in the entire fuck" into a boiling hot infested soup or calamity.