All In

After your turn 35 you tend to self-reflect more often. So in that case, here is a more recent one for ya...

These past two months I’ve been tested at my job and in many occasions I had to stand firm on my judgement. 

Not to sound provocative but at some point I literally said “this is some bullshit and I ain’t with it” to my boss. Fortunately he has a potty mouth similar to mine so he got it. 

There was a time at least two weeks straight I had to bite my tounge, stand on my laurels and slide every chip I had in the pot. Job or no job I’m all in. 

Gambler’s luck or God just knowing I can’t afford to not buy my son expensive Almond milk, it cashed out.

For that I’m grateful, I’m excited and I’m at the table again chip hunting!