I wasn’t event supposed to work today and I caught in an abyss of what the entire fuck! I was handling issues with my coat on. Crutches hobbling to the copier, counseling people on things they could solve themselves, and taking calls from customers about meaningless nothings. Like be honest, did you just need someone to talk to? 

Had me screaming for a guard in all directions, I felt like a newbie in lock up for the first night. Holding my pillow tight hoping everyone minds their own business!

I looked up and it was 3pm. Man y’all done held me hostage and presented some ridiculous ass ransome amount-ain’t no one paying that!!! I’m locked in! 

Tomorrow I have 4 interviews in the morning and God willing no silly call outs I’m out early with a one way ticket to leave and cigar smoke 💨 where I once stood.