One Two Three

As I lay in the bed, leg hoisted like an expensive Spanish ham.

I try to remain positive as I think about the three recent pauses on life. One, hospital visit, one whole week, worse mentally than a prison bid. Two, left the hospital with a friend, a catheter. I had that for a month, it was not fun and it took some real...Oprah like mediations to get through. When I tell you that I had a ball and chain that hindered all aspects of life, that test was was like a pop up quiz from hell. It’s something I look back and out loud thank God for me making it through. 

So now here we are not long after and my calf is on Charlie hourse 24/7. I don’t know how this came about by my calf is tighter than those 1980s jean shorts rock girls wore in the MTV videos. It hurts when I walk, I’m hobbling with crutches, and the prescribed ointment is not a factor at all. 

Again, some of these things are happening maybe meant to slow me down a bit. Meant to keep me from doing certain things. Slow the pace of work down? Slow me down period? 

I’m asking yet I’m still trying to figure it out.