The Inconvenience Of Convenience

I ordered my favorite shoes ever a week ago. 

Eastland Seville’s. It’s a brolic boatshoe. It’s a Timberland boatshoe. The first time I saw them on the feet of the UNC Chapel Hill Kappas who visited NCCU for a step show because we had only one Kappa on the yard l-and they won. 

True dirty prep shit. 

And now they haven’t come and no one knows where they are... 

Not the third party order company, not Eastland the company, not FedEx, nobody. 

Launching a first world order rant in 1..2...let me tell you, I must be getting old because I didn’t even trip on anyone. Every soul got a pass from me when I called to inquire. Check one more for my constant mission to make it to heaven with my favorite boatshoes on.