Triceps Surae

Better known as your calf muscle...

So I pulled mine, and it’s remained pulled for days now. Went to the doc, had a Venus Doppler-a check to make sure you have no blood clots-that came back negative that God. Although the lady who gave it clearly had a vendetta again me and my leg. 

Her: “Straighten your leg!”

Me: “I can’t...”

Her: “Straighten your leg I said!”

Me: “I cannot. I can’t. Can you hear me?”

Yeah so if I did have a clot I’d blame her just because. My doctor gave me some ointment, it’s not working at all. So here I am in shoppers using the old people cart because the option of walking has dwindled to a few hops here and there.

I called my doc, I asked for something...stronger. His reply was “go sit down”. 

Well there is a thought! Stop walking on an already inflamed leg. Fucking genius. My point of this rant is that pulling muscles at this stage in life is a legit recovery.