I went for a walk in my neighborhood the other day and this album cover sums up exactly how I felt seeing chaps around my way...

I mean, I know I’m slowly turning into the “get of my lawn” guy but what the entire fuck are y’all on these days? Is this the result of compete free expression given by young adults who drank lean for breakfast? Or is this a lack of fathers putting foot to ass when needed at home? 

Like give me an legit decent expression of why fuckers wear tight jeans then sag it to their knees? 

That’s just one example. 

Lions and lambs and the lambs are running the jungle with purple hair and purple pills. This rant is funded by 1980s kids who has to fight one on one with their fists-even if it means you took an L. It’s also funded by dudes that had to holla at birds that never grew up with ass injections. This is bright to you by gentleman that wore only a select versions of Timbs, regs, beef and broccolis and plains. 

This from a generation of men who would never dare to downplay Nas in any way shape or form. How is that even allowed? 25 to life bare minimum cornballs!