The Apostle The Movie

So this lady comes up to me in Office Depot and starts to rant. Not in a mean or offending way but in a I need you to listen this is gospel-way. 

Some phrases I heard were...

“Three blood moons”
“Joseph Cahn”
“Women cannot teach man”
“Illuminati? I don’t care what they are doing”
“90 pound talons”

She said a whole lot and it was all based loosely on the fear of Revelations and why aren’t we getting prepared for it. She was sincere, she was loud and she was manic. 

I listened. So let me tell you how these days I don’t even feel embarrassed or...conflicted if you will. I just listened and tried not to judge or be disrespectful. She ended up behind me on the line and talked to me all the way out the door. 

I don’t know. Very weird yet very surreal. I may have meet an apostle today, and if not she was still a decent movie.