From 7 To 8

Part of me gets people being brainwashed into thinking  a new year can being somewhat of a significant change in their life. Mentally we’d all like a numerical sign to spawn a rebirth of our emotions, the chance to change with a recorded start point. We’ve celebrated the new year since we can remember and our parents did the same. 

I guess my only...hesitation supporting this new number new year me movement is...your blood type will not change the second after midnight. Who you are, your habits, your tendencies, your DNA make up is all still the same. 

One thing I feel like I’ve learned in this short life is somethings-not all, but something’s NEVER change. So the only change you can make is how to deal with the inevitable every remaining constant. In Maryland winters are going to be fucking cold. Snow or not, it’s going to be brrrrr out this bitch. So if common sense prevails you’ll equip yourself with a big coat, hat and gloves. I know that’s a simpleton example so let’s dig more shall we.

If you want to lose weight and you love pizza. There is a very high chance you’re going to eat some pizza regardless of what your desired weight loss goal is. Now, what you can do is find an alternative pizza or maybe go real hard and eat less pizza. I mean it’s all bad but less bad is logically better than eating a whole pie. 

One more, if you’re looking for a good partner, and most people are not partner material. Nothing about the the year 2018 is going to change that at all. You can be determined to not deal with weirdos and harlots but I’m sure all of 2017 you wanted to skip them then too. 

But alas here we are...

Death and taxes. I’m not sure who said it first but the origin of that phrase is real to life bulletproof. Not a protest in the world will stop taxes from coming out of your check and death-well he will always be employed. 

Relish in what you can change, flip, morph, grow deal with what you can’t.