On my way to the airport I found out my Lyft driver worked in the same field as I did. She asked me for advice and it hit me like “oh I actually do know what I’m talking about”. What’s wild is my position alone automatically makes people assume I know what I’m talking about. Most times I do other times I’ll figured it out. 

She has an interview coming up and although I’m sure all managers interview differently I did share with her what I look for and why. 

The why being the key part, as I’m sharing I’m like shit, I know what I’m talking about. This information may actually be helpful. Of course she asked how did I start in the field which lead to another wow moment, I’ve been doing this a long time and my steps gradually lead to one level to the next.

As it should but it’s not guaranteed. 

That’s a blessing. 

I wished her the best and hobbled out the car. 

“What happened to your leg?” She asked.

That another story for another ride love.